At New Hope we like to describe ourselves as Fun, Faithful, Family



  We are fun ... we laugh, we enjoy life together

  We are faithful ... at our center is our passion to be faithful to Jesus in all of life

  We are family ... we travel the journey of faithfulness to Jesus surrounded by  the New Hope family

What an odd way to describe a church.  Wouldn't "serious," "stuffy" and "intimidating" be more like it?  Maybe somewhere.  Just not here.  Come on in...see for yourself!

New Hope is a place where you and your family will feel welcomed no matter what...and you'll become part of our family more quickly and more deeply than you could ever imagine. 

You'll find "New-Hopers" gathering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, running, biking, and working out together. Studying and praying together. Playing Euchre, attending concerts, musicals, movies, and plays together (yes, having fun together!). When someone is in need, we find a way to help--whether it's building a wheelchair ramp, cooking meals, helping a family move, networking to find a job, or just being there with them. 

We invite you to come have some FUN, grow in your FAITH and become a part of our New Hope FAMILY!



One Sunday Service - 10:00 AM

A Presbyterian Church at 126th & Brooks School Rd

• P 317.842.5171

12550 Brooks School Rd. • Fishers, IN • 46037