Information about Baptism

At baptism, promises are spoken--if the baptized person is a young child, promises are spoken on behalf of the child by the parents and congregation--promises to support the child as he or she grows in faith. If the baptized person is an older child or an adult, he or she speaks promises of faithfulness to Jesus Christ. At every baptism, regardless of the age of the baptized person, God's promises are the most important. Through the water of baptism, God promises to love the baptized person, always, and he or she is welcomed into the Christian family.

Baptism at New Hope is always a special event and is celebrated at either worship service on a date decided upon by the parents (or person) and the pastor.  Please note that in order to have your child baptized at New Hope, at least one parent must be a member of the church.  Baptisms are performed by either Pastor Steve Ebling or Associate Pastor Jennifer Lipinski. 

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One Sunday Service - 10:00 AM

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