In the Presbyterian tradition, New Hope is governed locally by a 12-member board of Elders and a 15-member board of Deacons. They serve in 3-year, staggered terms and are elected by the congregation. Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and oversee staffing and financial management of the church. Deacons focus on the prayer and "life" needs of 15 families each, and dispense generous doses of prayer, care and compassion.

Dave Pecenka - Clerk of Session

Dick Speller - Treasurer

Elder and Primary Ministry Area:

Alicia MacLafferty - Administration - HR

Ben Schlueter - Administration - Generosity

Mark Thacker - Administration - Budget & Finance

Tom Lipinski - Administration - Buildings & Grounds/Tech

Carolyn Kendall - Care

Michelle Elser – Communications

Betsy Binkholder - Discipleship: Adult Ministry

Katie Morrison – Discipleship: Children’s Ministry

Katie Kane - Discipleship: Student Ministry

Nicole Cain - New Member Development

Scott Tornquist - Mission Outreach

Emily Ramquist – Sunday Morning Experience

Deacons - Class of 2020

Anita Ciscell

Bill Fortuna

Brad Silbert

Bill Wagner

Amanda Wilson

Deacons - Class of 2021

Julie Cutter

Marie Davenport

Nan Keppler

Heather Pohland

Mike Voelz

Deacons - Class of 2022

Barb Cleveland

Ellen Riley-Davis

Grethen Nicholas

Susan Susdorf

Gail Watts

    One Sunday Service - 10:00 AM

    A Presbyterian Church at 126th & Brooks School Rd

    • P 317.842.5171

    12550 Brooks School Rd. • Fishers, IN • 46037