Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!  We know that walking into a church for the first time is not easy. So . . .

The absolute first thing we want you to know is that you’re welcome here. And that goes whether you are seeking answers about this whole “Christianity” thing--or if you are a lifelong disciple of Jesus. We hope you’ll find this to be a welcoming, fun, safe and nurturing place for your children, but most importantly, a place where you sense the presence of Christ in our midst.

Take your time. Join us for worship for several Sundays. Get to know us. 

Then, when you're ready to learn more about us, we offer Discover New Hope Classes after worship several times each year. Discover classes are informational, and are intended to provide a brief introduction to us and outline the membership process if that’s something you’re interested in. Our Journey to New Hope  Series is a set of three classes that form the pathway to membership. These too are offered several times each year.

Because we want to be a place that helps you grow in faith, labels are not a big deal with us--so membership is not a prerequisite to participation in church life.

One Sunday Service - 10:00 AM

A Presbyterian Church at 126th & Brooks School Rd

• P 317.842.5171

12550 Brooks School Rd. • Fishers, IN • 46037