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Small is BIG - Join a Small Group TODAY!

It is our passion at New Hope to see lives transformed by the hope of Jesus Christ. I can say unequivocally that nothing in my Christian life has been more transformative in my walk with Christ than my commitment to Small Group life.  There is something about the weekly time in the Word, the shared life, and the commitment to pray for one another that is life-changing.

If you are not already in a small group, consider joining one. If you are already in one, continue to appreciate the value of that weekly commitment. Indeed, small is BIG at New Hope.

A Small Group is a gathering of 8-10 people that meet regularly for the purpose of sharing life together and growing in the Christian faith. New Hope's groups meet for 8 week cycles. 

If you any interested in joining a small group or have questions, please contact Jennifer Lipinski at

If you want to learn about Small Group Life at New Hope, please check out these videos:

Small Group VIDEO 1 from August 23, 2015

Small Group VIDEO 2 from August 30, 2015

Small Group VIDEO 3 from September 6, 2015


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