Day of Caring

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Day Of Caring

New Hope Presbyterian Church's 9th annual Day of Caring will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

New Hope's Day of Caring will be a bit different this year.  We will have 3 options.  1) Select one of twenty traditional projects, 2) Select one of fourteen suggested random acts of kindness, or 3) Select your own random act of kindness (and tell us what you picked).  Volunteer sign-ups will be online only - PLEASE REGISTER USING THE FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS WEBPAGE.

The Day of Caring is a special day of ministry, where every member of New Hope (along with guests) will have the opportunity to practice Arms of Love, which is one of New Hope's Six Marks of a Disciple.  We will not have church service on that Sunday, rather we will send hundreds of volunteers from our congregation to serve the community.  There will be a volunteer opportunity for every person, regardless of age or ability!  For more information contact Mark Thacker at 727-8611 or .

Category 1

# - Organization - Activity - Open Spots - Minimum Age - Leader

1) Unavailable for DOC; bake cookies, supply food for projects (anytime week prior to DOC; 10 spots; no min age; none

3) Fire/Police Department, Hospitals & Grocery Store Gratitude Basket Team; Bake cookies and deliver to first responders; 25 spots; mo min age; Tiffany Schlueter

4) Media team; Take pictures and videos of different projects; 6 spots; no min age;  John Watts

5) Saws #1; Ramp construction; 10 spots; min age 12; Tom Lipinski

6) Saws #2; Ramp construction; 10 spots; min age 12; Chris Voelker

7) Megan S. Ott Foundation; Make soft, fleece blankets (at New Hope or at your home); 25 spots; min age 8; Lynn Cook

8) Million Meal Movement; Assemble meal packs - 2 shifts (9:00 and 10:45), 2 lines each shift; 50 spots; min age 6; Bob Gardner

12) Two Dog Mission; One team of people will prepare and package a meal and 2 carts of supplies to be distributed to the homeless population of downtown Indianapolis. Project will last until about 3:00pm. Must be able to walk 2 miles; 5 spots; no min age; Ray & Lori Miller

14) Habitat for Humanity; Make door wreaths for new homeowners; 10 spots; min age 16; Lou Ann Gay


# - Organization - Activity - Open Spots

19) Small Groups; Buy Starbucks (groceries, McDonalds, etc) for the person behind you in line; up to 10

20) Small Groups; Drop off cookies to a neighbor or friend; up to 10

21) Small Groups; Paint kindness rocks and leave them in a public place (park, etc); up to 10

22) Small Groups; Make cards and send to a nursing home; up to 10

23) Small Groups; Make cards for hospitalized kids, follow rules HERE;  up to 10

24) Small Groups; Purchase off the Amazon list for Foster Fairies to help foster kids in need; up to 10

25) Small Groups; Put together care kits for soldiers; up to 10

26) Small Groups: Create "thank you for serving me" kits for frontline workers; up to 10

27) Small Groups; Put positive notes around Fishers (maybe in sidewalk chalk); up to 10

28) Small Groups; Make dinners for families in need; up to 10

29) Small Groups; Take toys to a hospital; up to 10

30) Small Groups; Make masks and donate to schools or food pantries; up to 10

31) Small Groups; Make hand sanitizers and deliver to schools or food pantries; up to 10

32) Small Groups; Pass out flyers in your neighborhood and then collect non-perishable food items to give to food pantries; up to 10

Category 3

# - Organization - Activity

33) Small Groups; Choose your own act of kindness and share it with New Hope

Day of Caring Registration

Please enter the names of all additional volunteers that will join volunteer #1 to support your project


One Sunday Service - 10:00 AM

A Presbyterian Church at 126th & Brooks School Rd

• P 317.842.5171

12550 Brooks School Rd. • Fishers, IN • 46037